30 August, 2011


 On Saturday, we took a short road trip to Liechtenstein
Headed to Bavaria, then to Austria, a quick drive through Switzerland, and there we were!
What a charming country! The Prince of Liechtenstein lives in the Vaduz Castle on the hill, over looking Vaduz. 
When we arrived everything was already closed for the day. We decided to take a walk through Vaduz, after about 10 minutes of walking, we ended up in farm country!
A local told us about a cute tourist attraction in Switzerland about 20 minutes away called Heidi's House. Unfortunately, it was already closed for the day.
I think we'll have to take another trip there! 

27 August, 2011

Switzerland: Rheinfall

A few weekends ago we headed to Switzerland for a day trip, we ended up at the Rheinfall near Schaffhausen.
It ended up being a tourist trap. However, it was a very pretty tourist trap!

I'll keep this short, because we're about to be on our way to Liechtenstein today!

26 August, 2011

Getting settled in..

I'm back!
We finally found an apartment, moved in, painted, and unpacked! That is why I had to abandon the internet for a few weeks. I still have two more rooms to paint and unpack, but I am using the heat as an excuse not to! 
In between unpacking has been lots of Ikea shopping for things we never even considered needing. Things like wardrobes, shelves, and rugs. I never thought I would miss closets as much as I do now. 
 But, that is a small price to pay for living in Germany! 

01 August, 2011


On Saturday we decided to take a quick drive through the Schwarzwald! This place was amazing! Like a fairy tale.
We drove to Baden-Baden and then followed the Schwarzwaldhochstraße through the forest. On the way we passed by the Mummelsee, where we decided to take a quick break. 
Then we headed home to Stuttgart where we ate some yummy Turkish food at Sultan Saray.
I can't wait to go back on a sunny day, which seems to be rare in this part of Germany, or when all the trees are covered with snow.
Where should we go next weekend? Munich? Austria? Switzerland? or maybe France?
There are too many choices!


Flowers from last week's trip to the market:
20 stems of Dahlias, 10 large stems of Lisianthus, 1 Dutch Hydrangea for a total of €9!
The market will be open again tomorrow. What flowers should I get this week? Maybe Sunflowers?